November 27, 2021


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Advantages of the free energy magnetic motor


With the never-ending rise in the cost of fuel and energy, many people are now turning to alternative energy sources in the hopes of reducing or even eliminating their dependence on gas altogether. power supply supplied by large electricity companies. Currently, there are several alternative and renewable energy sources, including solar panels and wind turbines. One of the renewable energy sources that is gaining popularity over the years due to its many practical advantages is the free energy magnetic motor.

Magnetic generators of free energy use magnets to create an indefinite source of free electricity. Thanks to the concept of the natural polarity of the magnetic poles – magnets attract and repel each other, free magnetic energy becomes possible. The natural repulsion or repulsive characteristic of magnetic waves creates perpetual motion which is operated by the magnetic generator. Perpetual motion allows the generator to produce more energy than it consumes, thus creating an endless production of free energy.

One of the main advantages of the free energy magnetic motor is the fact that it does not require input of energy or an external energy source in order to be able to generate energy. With the magnetic motors, it can work without any problem in any weather condition as long as the magnets are properly in place.

Compared to solar panels and wind turbines, magnetic motors are much cheaper to build. A home installed for solar and wind power would run into thousands of dollars and take years before one could rip off and start saving. It just doesn’t work for most of us, given today’s sluggish economy.

Today there are Do-It-Yourself magnetic motors available online. It provides step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions on how to build your own magnetic generator at home. For as little as $ 100, even a normal person without any training in electrical engineering can design their own free energy magnetic motor. The materials needed are also very affordable and accessible, which can even be found in your landfill or the nearest hardware stores.

A free energy magnetic motor is very simple to operate and could generate enough energy to completely cover the electricity needs of each household. For over two years now, several homes have already installed and used this revolutionary unit supporting the fact that it does work. It’s an environmentally friendly way to reduce your electricity bill by up to 80%. Like solar and wind power, free magnetic energy is generated without biohazards because free power generators do not produce any harmful by-products.