November 27, 2021


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5 pros and 4 cons – Owning a trolling motor

Owning a trolling motor

The design and manufacture of modern electric trolling motors that are available in the market today using the latest electronic technology and quality materials have made these motors very reliable, rugged and affordable.

There are a lot of choices, but like most products, some are better than others. On average, when reading customer reviews, about five in ten buyers will give the same item a four to five star rating (which gives me confidence) and then two or three other buyers will give three to two stars (these guys seem to have legitimate grounds for complaint, so not yet a train crash), but there are at least a couple of people absolutely trashing it (which diminishes my faith in the product).

However, when I read between the lines I wonder if these trash cans actually bought or even saw the item, but maybe they have their own program that they promote something similar in.

From my experience and what I have learned from talking to professional fishermen and other boaters who use these motors designed to withstand a lot of abuse, you can be sure that they will give you trouble-free boating pleasure. for many years. I had a saltwater trolling motor that was stored in an old shed that leaked in my backyard for many years without any attention, but every time I used it it responded hassle-free just like my faithful dog, a Jack Russel named Salty, who absolutely loved going fishing.

Here are 5 positive reasons get involved with trolling motors

1) Because they are very quiet, easy to use and environmentally friendly, they disturb other boaters as little as possible, the local flora and fauna and people who are lucky enough to live on the waterfront. water.

2) They are lightweight and easy to install or remove. Transom mount motors are available for small boats and kayaks, and if you want absolute maneuverability or have a larger boat, a bow mount motor is required.

3) They are available with different levels of thrust, battery power and shaft lengths to suit all the different boats and environmental situations that may be encountered.

4) Fantastic to use on your boat for stealth fishing, they take you leisurely to those fishing hot spots normally impossible to reach without scaring off the fish you are trying to catch. Whether in shallow water, deep water or in very grassy places you fish in, these motors will not let you down.

5) To control your boat, you can choose to steer it by hand, foot or electronic autodirection, i.e. co-pilot, autopilot or iPilot GPS. These features will take care of your boat so you can focus on your fishing. The latest iPilot with GPS takes fishing with trolling motors to a whole new exciting level.

Some negative reasons

1) The biggest minus point is the fact that unless you are configured so that you can recharge your batteries in your boat, you must remove them for recharging and for safety reasons if your boat is left on a boat. moored or chained to a tree. Loading them into the car after every trip, especially if there are two or three, can be a bit of a pain. If you’re using a single 12-volt battery, that’s a no-brainer.

2) If you are looking for enough power to tow the kids at high speed behind the boat on a tube or ski, then forget to buy one because you won’t get anywhere.

3) If you want higher thrust motors, you will be carrying the extra weight of two or three heavy marine batteries. Make sure you have room for them and if your boat is small the weight will not affect its performance.

4) Good batteries are expensive, but if maintained they should last four to five years. Since you don’t spend money on gas, this cost is kind of canceled.

It is important to use a circuit breaker recommended by the manufacturer and suitable for the wiring of your trolling motor to the battery. Don’t skimp on getting a cheap inferior brand.

I have no doubt that once you have had your first experience with one of these engines, just like the fish you hunt, you will be hooked.