November 27, 2021


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What are the qualities of a good motorcycle exhaust system?

motorcycle exahust system

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle that left the whole neighborhood staring and cursing at you from the noise of the exhaust system? It must have been so embarrassing for you. This is what a low performance exhaust does. It makes an annoying sound that can cause all motorists to leave the road thinking that it is an extremely huge train using the road instead of the railroad tracks. The annoying sound is just one of the many disadvantages of a poor quality motorcycle exhaust system.

So the big question arises; What constitutes a good motorcycle exhaust system?

There are qualities that a good system must fulfill. These included;

High performance

Performance is the most important consideration when purchasing a part for your motorcycle. This is no exception when it comes to buying an exhaust system. You need a high performance exhaust that will make you a proud motorist and provide you with the service you expect. It should perform very well in terms of features like speed, fuel consumption, among others. Some touring motorcycle exhausts will cause your motorcycle to consume excess fuel, while others will reduce its functionality, causing it to perform very poorly. All of these flaws make the entire bike useless. That’s why performance always comes before anything else.

Adequate air flow

A good exhaust system should allow sufficient gas outflow. How well or poorly the gases flow is determined by the size of the pipe. An exhaust pipe that is too small will cause internal pressure when the gases try to escape. This in turn causes blockage of the hose, resulting in reduced performance of the overall motorcycle. On the other hand, a pipe that is too wide causes gas to flow at an extremely high rate than assumed. This also makes the bike at reduced performance. Therefore, the size of the touring motorcycle system should be correct; neither too large nor too small.

Easy and inexpensive maintenance

You don’t need a motorcycle that will take up most of your resources in its maintenance. A motorcycle exhaust system that requires your mechanic to service it too often is not a good system. A good system is one that you can inexpensively maintain yourself and bring it to the mechanic only when you feel he has a technical problem. Therefore, if you’ve been to the mechanic too often, yours is not of high quality. The main thing is; an exhaust system should be easy and inexpensive to maintain.

Corresponding to exhaust and motorbike

Different motorcycles are made in different ways and with different specifications. This means that the parts on one bicycle are not one hundred percent compatible with another motorcycle. So, buy an exhaust line because it is compatible with your type of motorcycle and not because you have seen it on another motorcycle. Otherwise, your bike could be exposed to poor performance. If you are unsure of the right muffler for your motorcycle, it is always a good idea to consult your mechanic or manufacturer.

The above items qualify an exhaust pipe to be called a good exhaust system. Good luck with your next purchase!