November 27, 2021


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Motorcycle Accident Settlement – What To Expect?

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The amount of motorcycle accident settlement payment will largely depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding your specific motorcycle accident. Each crashed motorcycle accident will have different injuries and circumstances, making it highly unlikely that two motorcycle accident settlements will result in the same monetary outcome.

Determine the relevant factors from the accident

As a motorcycle accident victim with an injury caused by someone else’s negligence, you and your legal representative will be responsible for proving that you deserve the compensation you are requesting. When a settlement amount is reached, the accident factors are used to determine the amount and entitlement. Here are the areas that you and your lawyer should focus on to ensure maximum compensation.

Prove fault in the motorcycle accident

Some motorcycle accident cases are cut and dry. The defendant caused the accident, no questions asked, and your settlement is granted after negotiations have taken place. Other times it’s not that easy. To prove negligence, you may need the movement certificate the defendant received in the accident, eyewitness accounts, etc.

In most accidents, insurance companies prefer to handle negotiations outside of the courtroom. This is why many of these personal injury suits never go to trial, especially when there is inadmissible evidence that the accused is guilty.

A sure way to prove that the defendant was at fault is to prove that he was distracted. Some common distractions for drivers include:

• Intoxication

• Medications

• Distractions on the road or in the car

• Mobile phones

• Poor eyesight

• Sleep deprivation

Different states have different liability measures for car and motorcycle accidents. If your state assigns a percentage of fault to the accident, you will only receive a percentage of the settlement amount. Much will be determined by the ability of the defendant’s insurance company to bear all or part of its client’s blame.

Insurance policies and limitations

Most motorcycle accident settlement amounts will not exceed the maximum insurance coverage limits of the defendant’s policy. When presented to a jury, the amount could exceed the amount of the policy limitations. Yet, you can never collect this amount if the defendant has no other assets.

As previously stated, insurance companies would prefer not to go to trial if the defendant is easily identifiable as the culprit. Negotiations for your settlement will take place with your legal representative and the insurance company’s lawyer. You have the final say whether you accept the settlement or wish to take it to court.

Injury, pain and suffering

Unfortunately, some accidents involving motorcycles can leave the rider in a serious commotion. When accidents are serious enough, they can even lead to death, leaving family members to fight for a fair settlement to cover the costs.

Most compensation for bodily injury claims is used to cover medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, etc. Your legal representative will also help you fight the pain and suffering of the accident to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

Why legal representation is necessary for your case

Even if you’ve been in a motorcycle accident and are probably still recovering, you shouldn’t have to deal with insurance companies on your own. Personal Injury Lawyers have the expertise to handle every step of the Motorcycle Accident Injury Settlement process, advising you throughout the process. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries sustained. Call a motorcycle accident lawyer today for a free consultation on your case. The best part is, most lawyers don’t charge you anything unless they win your case and get you a monetary settlement.