November 27, 2021


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The importance of using a motorcycle cover

motorcycle cover

Motorcycle covers are an often overlooked alternative for keeping your motorcycle in a garage or under a larger blanket. While not as ideal due to a lack of airflow and retention of condensation (although this is relieved by higher quality breathable and waterproof contemporary materials), they are still great for protecting. your motorcycle from the elements.

Even if you have a garage, installing a motorcycle cover will protect you from the elements inside your garage, such as dust, dirt, and bugs to some extent. Most garages are not kept temperature stable and insulated, so a lightweight, breathable cover helps build up condensation and therefore mildew, which will help protect the finish of the motorcycle.

Outside you’ll need a more hardcore motorcycle cover. It will have to withstand harsher elements, wind, rain and UV rays from the sun. While these problems aren’t major in small doses, if you leave your motorcycle outside for a long time (for example, you ride in the summer and keep the motorcycle stored outside during the winter) the finish is compromised. UV rays discolor paint (red is the worst for this). Plain water can leave (rain) stains. The wind can blow away small objects like stones or twigs on trees and scratch the paint when blowing against the motorcycle.

Motorcycle covers aren’t perfect, finding the right fit between breathable and weatherproof is the biggest challenge. You will still need to give your motorcycle a boost after the weathering season, but it will be a smaller task than if the cover was not there, and there will also be less long term damage to the paintwork. and the chrome of your motorcycle.

Another great benefit of having a motorcycle cover is for safety reasons. Of course, a knife will pass through it, even if it is attached, and the motorcycle is chained to a solid object. But if he is hiding under a sheet, it is much less attractive to thieves than them to see the beautiful shiny and expensive object below.

For these reasons, a motorcycle cover is an essential item for any enthusiast who takes care of their motorcycle, or who simply wants it to retain its value while retaining its finish.