November 27, 2021


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How to Select and Install a Custom Motorcycle Gas Tank

Motorcycle Gas Tank

A custom motorcycle gas tank is one of the most important things you will need for your custom motorcycle. This is the part of your bike that will be noticed first, so make sure you have a good paint job.

Choosing a gas tank should be relatively easy depending on what you’re looking for. When looking for the right motorcycle gas tank, you need to think about convenience, reliability, and looks.

Essentially, the larger the gas tank on your custom motorcycle, the less you will need to refuel and the more fresh paint you can use. The less you stop, the more you enjoy the ride. There are many options for a custom motorcycle gas tank that you can choose from. There are many styles of motorcycle fuel tanks that can be built or purchased to meet your needs. One of the many types of tanks available for your motorcycle (or helicopter) are expandable tanks. Expandable tanks look exactly what the name suggests. The expandable tank is a bit longer and stretched, so it looks cooler, follows the lines of your bike, and flows better.

Usually you can find these types of gas tanks in many expandable sizes of 2 “, 3” or 5 “and you can always weld extensions to fit your vehicle or mold them directly into the frame rails or the frame. oil tank.

These Custom Motorcycle Gas Tanks are a mix of old and new gas tanks and are a great choice that can do almost anything you want your custom motorcycle to be able to achieve.

Then there are custom “Radical” style tanks. These tanks look great on any showbike, but usually don’t hold as much gasoline, so be prepared to stop more often. You should also be prepared to discuss your bike with those around you while you pump your fuel. These are eye-catching style tanks, which will sure remind that minibus driver when he wanted nothing but his bike and his girlfriend.

There are also tons of other tanks, Sportster tanks, King tanks, Mustang tanks, Dyna tanks, Fatbob tanks, Peanut tanks, bobber tanks, coffins tanks, chopper tanks. They come with a variety of gas cap styles: flush caps, pop-up caps, airplane style and and and … it’s endless.

All tanks should be fitted for proper fit, then removed, cleaned and sealed inside and pressure tested before painting to avoid leaks. Again, there are several ways to seal the tank, but no matter how you do it, it must be done.

Likewise, when mounting your tank, do not strain any of the mounting tabs when tightening the tank. This can cause the finish to crack and the mounting tabs to weaken. Check all fuel line brackets and fittings before refueling.

An in-line fuel filter is always a good idea with any fuel system. Don’t just trust the screen around your gas valve to keep any dirt from getting into your carburetor.

Now you choose a tank that matches your needs.

Drive carefully and don’t run out of gas!